Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thinking about amazing manicures

In the past couple of months I have become obsessed with gel manicures. They are the most fantastic t thing I have ever discovered. I have stopped giving myself manicures because I was becoming tired of it coming off minutes after I applied nail polish. It started to feel like I was wasting time putting effort in something that would be gone so quickly.

My sister took me to the nail salon to have a manicure about a month ago. I didn't want to go initially since manicures are very expensive, but if I hadn't come I would not have discovered the incredible gel nail polish. It's the best thing ever. I painted my nails a really dark red color and it stayed that way for almost 2 weeks.

I started doing a bit of research to see if I could paint my nails with gel polish at home and found that you can, but you have to buy a lamp to cure the polish. I think I should invest in one because it would be worth it since I would save money on trips to the salon. I love having my nails painted too so I know that I would get a lot of use out of it. I was looking at this site Nails and Polish which has some reviews on the lamps and it helped give me an idea of what I should buy

I'm going to have to think about if I should get an LED lamp or a UV lamp. Buying the lamp and the colors that I want are going to be a costly investment. I don't even know anything about which gel polishes are the best yet.

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