Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi blog

So here is my first post in this little blog of mine. I'm not exactly sure where to start. I don't expect anyone to actually read what I write here but for some reason it seems appropriate to introduce myself to my new little digital spot on the internet.

I'm a young woman living in a big city and trying to make it in life. I know that that just sounds like the summary to a really bad chick flick, but it's really what I am! I only just graduated from college and I am still exploring what it is I want to do when I "grow up". I'm excited about where my life is going to take me and where I will end up. Only time will tell!

I have a lot of hobbies and loves in my life. I love spending time with my friends and I am also an artist. I read anything that has pages and I am an avid watcher of quality tv. I tend to stay away from tacky reality television shows, although it is easy to get drawn in when you stumble upon on while channel surfing.

Anyway, now that the first post is out of the way I can get started with writing whatever the heck I want to here. This will essentially just be a place for me to put all of my thoughts. If you have come across here looking for some high quality reading then you may be at the wrong spot unless you like reading a whole lotta rambling haha!

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