Thursday, April 11, 2013


Every so often I become obsessed with reading. Now I have always loved to read, but when I say obsessed I mean more than just enjoying myself and reading lots of books. I become obsessed with the number of books I read and trying to beat the amount of books I read in the previous month or year. Last year I read around 30 books, which I would say is a pretty respectable book number, That is several books every month. However I set a goal for myself to read 50 books and I'm finding it to be a struggle. I want to read all of these books but I also want to enjoy them and not just speed through them so that I can read my goal.

I've tried to read multiple books at once to see if that would help me increase the number of books I read, but I found that that was only causing me to lose interest in books if I hadn't gotten around to reading them since I was reading 5 other ones as well, so I quickly gave that up. Sometimes I try to read ridiculous amounts of books all in one month, but I can't ever seem to get past 4 books in a month even when I feel like I have been doing nothing but read all of the time. I wonder how those people who read hundreds of books do it. I bet they completely eliminate things like television and internet time from my life. I can't do that though, because I need the internet for my job, and I also love too many tv shows to just drop them cold turkey.

I've set this goal and I am determined to beat it. The big issue is that when next year rolls around and I've finished my books, I'm not going to be satisfied with anything less than 50 books. My reading life is going to get more and more difficult as the years go on. Uh oh.

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